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Handmade Altar Cloth / Chabu Runner 茶布

$40.00 / Sold out

A beautiful tea runner adds elegance and colour to any chaxi (tea stage). Chabu is the ground upon which the tea stage is set.

This runner can also be used as an altar cloth or table centrepiece.

This was one of my first runners and my sewing skills are not 100% but I tend to like things that are a bit rough around the edges, maybe you do? (See: 'Wabi-Sabi') It's priced with this in mind.

Dyed with natural dyes and rust, this is a dark runner and has the appearance of subtle tiger stripes so you'd never have to worry about tea spills appearing. It's a burgundy brownish colour in the light.

Long Rectangular Shape / Size - 35" x 10"